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Private Allergy Testing & Treatment - Allergy London
Dr Stephen Till is a myHealthSpecialist recommended Allergist

London’s Leading Allergy Specialists, call us on 020 3758 9160

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Pioneering Treatments

Allergology (the study of allergy) is a fast moving field and a huge amount of new research is being conducted around the world. This has translated into some real advances in our ability to diagnose and treat allergic disease. Our team are actively involved in cutting edge research and are thus able to advise on new treatments and where possible, signpost relevant clinical trials.

Some of the most exciting developments are those in the field of desensitisation or immunotherapy, which has the potential to actually cure allergies by diverting the immune system’s response to a specific allergen (such as pollen, dust mites or animal dander). We also offer advice on food desensitisation, which is a rapidly developing field.

Advances in diagnostics now mean that we have access to more reliable blood tests including component allergen testing and protein microarrays (such as ISAC testing).

Our team can also offer access to temperature controlled laminar airflow devices (Airsonett), which is clinically proven to improve allergic asthma or Anti-IgE therapy (Omalizumab) which is effective in chronic urticaria and is currently being trialed for severe eczema.  Click here to view the Airsonnet patient information leaflet.

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Pioneering Treatments

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Our Locations

Portland Hospital

2nd Floor
215 Great Portland Street

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London Bridge Hospital, The Shard

32 St Thomas Street

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Centennial Medical Care

Unit 509 Centennial Park
Centennial Way

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The Westminster Bridge Consulting Rooms

St Thomas Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road

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BMI Hendon

50 Sunny Gardens Road

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