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New Parent and Carer Leaflet: Reducing the risk of your child having a serious allergic reaction

New Parent and Carer Leaflet: Reducing the risk of your child having a serious allergic reaction

Food allergies can have serious and sometimes life-threatening consequences. It’s crucial for parents along with anyone who looks after a person with food allergies are well-prepared and informed to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.

Allergy London’s Professor Adam Fox, together with Dr Nandinee Patel, Dr Ru-Xin Foong, Dr Paul Turner, and Professor Graham Roberts have created a new leaflet, co-designed with allergy charities and patient groups, aiming to empower and assist families, caregivers, grandparents, and anyone responsible for the care of individuals with food allergies.

Here we provide a brief overview of the guidance, covering the steps you can take to protect your child from severe allergic reactions.

Get an accurate diagnosis:

Recognise symptoms of anaphylaxis:

Use adrenaline immediately:

Keep two in-date AAIs:

Manage asthma:

Have an allergy action plan:

Communicate with childcare providers:

Communicate with restaurants:

In the event of anaphylaxis:

Taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of severe allergic reactions is vital for the well-being of children with food allergies. By following these guidelines and ensuring everyone involved in your child’s care is informed, you can help keep your child safe and minimise the risk of anaphylaxis. Always consult with medical professionals for personalised guidance and support.

Read the new leaflet here.

It can also be downloaded via the Anaphylaxis UK and Allergy UK websites.

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