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Reaction to Medication and Drug Allergy Treatments - Allergy London
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Drug Allergies

Drug allergy occurs when there is an adverse reaction to medication caused by the immune system. The most common cause of drug allergy is antibiotics belonging to the penicillin class such as amoxicillin. Aspirin, ibuprofen and similar anti-inflammatory medications are also a frequent cause of adverse reactions, particularly in adults. Reactions attributed to local anaesthetics are also common although true allergy to these drugs is actually relatively rare.

Although medications such as antibiotics can cause serious reactions, people are often wrongly labelled as being ‘allergic to penicillin’ because real allergic reactions can be difficult to distinguish from non-allergic symptoms such as a rash. For example, between 5 and 10% of patients develop a delayed rash if they take amoxicillin during a viral infection. Up to 20% of hospitalised patients identify themselves as penicillin allergic although the true prevalence of allergy confirmed by testing is much lower.

An allergist will take a history of the reaction and may then organise tests to confirm or exclude a drug allergy. Every case is individually evaluated and even if a drug allergy is confirmed, an allergist will also seek to identify safe alternative drugs for a patient.

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Drug Allergies

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