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What is a food allergy?

In the United Kingdom, food allergies impact 6-8% of young children and approximately 1-2% of adults, and have a considerable influence on the overall quality of life for affected families. Here, Allergy London’s Paediatric allergist, Professor Adam Fox, shares crucial insights to unravel the complexities surrounding food allergies. This blog is focused on clarifying what […]

Food allergy testing: Understanding food allergy tests

Food allergies have become a prevalent concern in today’s world, affecting people of all ages. When it comes to diagnosing food allergies, a careful and comprehensive approach is essential. A combination of clinical assessment and specific allergy tests, such as skin prick tests, specific IgE blood tests, and provocation challenges, remains the gold standard for […]

Fatal anaphylaxis and food allergies

It’s crucial to address the relative risk factors when it comes to childhood fatalities concerning food allergies and anaphylaxis. Research conducted by Imperial College London some years ago brought to light an important perspective: the statistical likelihood of a fatality due to anaphylaxis in comparison to other causes of death among children. While discussing distressing […]

New Parent and Carer Leaflet: Reducing the risk of your child having a serious allergic reaction

Food allergies can have serious and sometimes life-threatening consequences. It’s crucial for parents along with anyone who looks after a person with food allergies are well-prepared and informed to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. Allergy London’s Professor Adam Fox, together with Dr Nandinee Patel, Dr Ru-Xin Foong, Dr Paul Turner, and Professor […]

Will my new baby (second child) develop allergies?

Allergy London’s Paediatric Allergist, Professor Adam Fox, spoke recently to Actress Ali Bastian, to provide helpful advice and guidance in a Q&A session covering allergies, eczema, weaning and the introduction of allergenic foods in the context of welcoming a new baby into an ‘allergic family.’ This meeting marked part two in the ‘allergy chats’ series […]

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