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Welcome to Allergy London, unrivalled care in diagnosis and treatment of paediatric & adult allergic disease, led by Professors Adam Fox and Stephen Till.


Hayfever ruins the spring and summer for up to 25% of the population. Effective treatments are available that can reduce symptoms and even make you less allergic to pollen through desensitisation.


Asthma affects almost 5 million people in the UK, but with proper management sufferers can live their lives as they wish.


Eczema directly links to the risk of food allergy. Ensure you get the best possible advice to prevent and manage both eczema and food allergies.


Food allergies affect over 5% of children and management can be challenging. Get the best possible advice and access to the most up to date diagnostics and treatment options with Allergy London.


Allergy London is a leading allergy clinic specialising in both paediatric and adult allergies

Led by Professors Adam Fox and Stephen Till whom are both recognised nationally and internationally as clinical experts in the field of paediatric and adult allergy respectively; the practice prides itself in delivering the best care to allergy sufferers using cutting edge techniques and a holistic approach to ensure patients have the highest chances possible of leading normal allergy free lives.

Allergy London is a leading allergy clinic that specialises in both paediatric and adult allergies and sees patients from around the world.

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4 yrs ago, my son suddenly developed an allergy to many fresh fruits and vegetables and was suffering a lot during the pollen season. Turns out he had an issue with the birch tree which led to issues with the foods. After a 3 year program of sublingual immunotherapy by Dr Fox, my son ate his first apple in over 4 years this past summer. He has continued to add all the foods he had issues with without any problems. My now 13 year old is in heaven being able to eat fruits again. Dr Fox is also a person who is easy to speak to and explains what you need to know. We can't thank him enough for his help!
Steve McCrystal
Steve M.
Adam is a kind and considerate person who has gone to great lengths to help my daughter. He has been patient and understanding regarding her fear of needles and anxiety around feeling unwell. He has been even more patient with us, understanding how worried we are and going to great lengths to help us. I can't recommend Adam enough he's a decent, caring person who is determined to help find the answers. Thank you Adam!
Debbie Lyall
Debbie L.
Dear Dr FoxWe just wanted to let you know what a life changing difference you have made to our family and we’d like to say the biggest loudest thank you we can!Gabriella is no longer allergic to dairy which was a wish we daren’t dream of previously. She passed her milk taste challenge last week. It’s only thanks to you persuading us to push the envelope and to push the NHS to test and food challenge her that we are where we are today. You gave us the confidence to take the risks where we had previously been steered away - We have recommended you to so many people!We’re sure you must receive many emails like this but you have made one girl’s (and her family’s) Christmas - We wish you a very Merry Christmas in return.Gabriella also has her egg taste challenge on Christmas Eve so we’re gunning for the double!We are so pleased you were recommended to us and you deserve every success.All the best,Sue and Andy
Andrew Couper
Andrew C.
On behalf of my parents:"We took the decision to refer our 17 daughter who has multiple food allergies and suffers from anxiety, in November she suffered two anaphylactic reactions just one week apart which left her extremely anxious and not willing to venture out of the house.We made an appointment to see Dr. Adam Fox at the Shard on 15th February 2019 and can honestly say it was the best thing we could have done for our daughter, it was as if someone had opened the door and shone a light.Dr. Adam Fox was very approachable, and our daughter was made to feel very comfortable, despite her anxiety. He wasn't dismissive and listened to all our concerns and then clearly explained which tests he would like her to have and why, which was very reassuring. He took the time to listen to daughter and we could see her anxiety level start to subside.Victoria the nurse was also amazing through the testing and diagnosis - explaining everything, our daughter was put at ease straight away.We shall be following up with further tests to confirm our daughters’ allergies but cannot thank Dr. Fox and Victoria enough.We can totally recommend Dr. Fox and the clinic for their support and guidance.Yours most thankfullyAndy BrownTanya Osborne-Brown"
Lucy Brown
Lucy B.
Cannot recommend Dr Adam Fox highly enough. With his unrivalled knowledge he is enabling our son to have hope that some of his multiple food allergies may be eventually eliminated, where before there was only fear. His patience and kindness with children is amazing. His advice and plan of action is truly life changing and will be appreciated always. We traveled from abroad just to see Dr Fox and the distance/effort was definitely worth it.
We originally met with David Mass and Dr Adam Fox at the Portland Hospital in December 2017.  Dr Adam Fox came highly recommended from an ENT specialist in Blackheath.Both David Mass and Adam Fox put myself, my wife and our daughter at ease as soon as they saw us.  They gave our child an allergy test with almost immediate results and then saw us after the tests for a follow up joint consultation.  All on the same day.  They prescribed treatment there and then and ever since, our child has thrived.  We have returned to see David Mass and Dr Adam Fox for a follow up appointment which was equally as good.  The relief that someone takes the time to listen to us and understands our daughters allergies and needs is greatly appreciated.  The fact that the treatment provided meant that our daughters ear nose and throat issues have dramatically reduced is amazing.  Please pass on our ongoing thanks to Dr Adam Fox and David Mass, they are truly appreciated.  We will be back for our follow up appointment when required.
Mark Steedman
Mark S.
Dr Fox, Dr Mass and the entire team have been fantastic in taking care of our son who had multiple and sever food allergies. We cannot believe how far we have come, with the support of these incredible specialists.We never thought that our son would be able to get to a stage where he can now tolerate large quantities of foods he was so allergic to as a baby. This has only been possible due to the desensitisation protocols provided so expertly by Dr Fox and his team. We are so incredibly grateful as it has genuinely been a life changing process.
Jonathan Sacker
Jonathan S.
Dr Fox along with his fantastic team including Dr Mass have always been amazing with my son who suffers from various allergies, eczema and asthma.They enable my son somehow to enjoy his appointments and never fail to make him laugh. As a mum I always feel extremely reassured when I leave and never embarrassed to ask a ton of questions. I would highly recommend Allergy London.
Danielle Jacobs
Danielle J.
I took my 8 year old son to have allergy tests to confirm what we suspected including nut allergies, hay fever, eczema and asthma. The environment is very friendly and all the nurses and doctors we saw were each experts in their specific field and all worked together so well that my son remarked how much he had enjoyed the experience! They were also able to diagnose and treat my son during this first visit and put a plan in place to follow which has worked.
paul toberman
paul T.
Dr Fox has always been a great source of advice and support in the management of our son's complex food allergies. After almost 10 years with a serious allergy to milk, he has assisted our son through a milk desensitisation programme. This has allowed our son to drink cows milk for the very first time. Highly recommended.
Holly A
Holly A

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